Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ono Pono rocks

I've really appreciated having Ono Pono over the last three years. I was very impressed with their commitment to using organic ingredients and sustainability. I bought a food container three years ago and have been using it instead of disposable plates ever since. Ono Pono even gives a 25cent discount. Great stuff.

I was hoping to get some Ono Pono staff to post here to talk about recent changes, but it looks like I need to make the first move. As I understand it, it has been difficult to keep the focus on local organic ingredients and sustainability and the focus has shifted to creating a working business model; particularly given stiff competition from Govindas, another food stall that opened nearby a year or so ago.

Ono Pono staff have told me they want to return to the sustainability agenda as soon as they can, and I was inspired to start this blog to see if we could rally some support; perhaps through a shareholder model such as that used by the Kokua Market in Moilili. Please post up any thoughts or ideas that you have. Creating a working business while achieving sustainability is a real challenge and Ono Pono needs our community support to help them achieve their goal.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great job on the site.
You seem to know more about Ono Pono than I do (Thomas, new Manager).
I believe your comments are quite accurate.
It is a sad reality- For a food establishment to provide healthy food in Hawaii it has to be subsidized. All of our wages are quite low and our "real" food costs are exceptionally high. Even the upper management subsidizes their income with other work.
Basically, the common person no longer has access to healthy food at a reasonable price.
Meanwhile, the healthy produce that still exists is continually threatened by mutant variations, pollution, and modern encroachment.
It was not long ago that all food was healthy and growing in most people’s yards! My family garden raised me.
Hawaii was once sustaining, obviously. To be dependent on a land mass over two thousand miles away for the third most basic necessity of survival (Oxygen, water, and food) is asinine.
Ono Pono has undergone some recent changes and more may be coming soon. I will do my best to post these new developments on this site.
I would like to thank Sam for providing us with another means to connect with the community.
Aloha, Thomas Drury – Day Manager, Ono Pono

Sam Joseph said...

Thanks Thomas - I really appreciate you taking the time to post. Best of luck in your new management role. You should now have permission to post new stories here, so we look forward to hearing from you.

I'll try and post up new ideas as I have them. One thing I'd love to do is get my phone set up for posting so I can take a photo of your daily menu and some foodstuffs and post them up each day.